So your first two records were shitty versions of integrity songs when integrity got popular again recently and your new record is 5 tracks of Nails songs only boring, and youre talking shit on my stuff?

ok player.

So i pick up my dog in front of my house and squeeze him and kiss his head because fuck you thats why and some little girl and her dad are walking by and shes got some pomeranioodlefurballrabbit thing on a leash and she goes to me.

"That dog is too big to pick up!"

so i look at her and say “At least i have a dog.”

The dads eyes get huge and then he looks at his daughter and starts SCREAM laughing and says to her “SEE I TOLD YOU!” and then she cry mumbles some shit like “She is a dog” and runs away in the general vicinity of what i can only imagine is her home or a cliff to jump off.

me and the dad shared an eye contact “thank you bro” moment after that and then wesley put his whole tongue in my mouth and i tried to play it off like it didnt happen even though i think i was about to throw up.